My name is Sian. I am 17 and I am currently studying BTEC art and design level 3. I will be going to university in September 2013 studying Animation and Illustration. 
Art is my number one passion in life. I love art that catches my eye. Bold, figurative, intimidating are my favourite things in a piece of art.
My main influences are of Patrick Nagel, Jamie Hewlett and Kaneoya Sachiko.

My favourite subjects are people, I have two main styles. A semi-realistic style as seen in most of my illustrative work, and a more strange cartoonish style that I use when I want something to have a more comedic or less serious feel to it. You can see examples of both of these on my blog.

I'm a bit of a lazy bugger i must say. When im not lying in bed on a weekend you'll find me practicing on my bass Patty. She's a red Yamaha RBX374. I've got a bit of an obsession over bass guitar makes, my two favourites are Rickenbacker 4003 and Aria Pro II that John Taylor played (my favourite bass player).

I have had the good fortune of being able to sell some of my work in the past. I have sold around 5 watercolour paintings for around £10 each. ~

Another thing about me.
I dye my hair.
One day I will make a timeline of all my hair colours for people to look at!

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