Sunday, 15 September 2013

Officially enrolled into uni!

Yup, thats right! Officially a student now. Wheres my never-ending coffee supply and pack of fags?
I literally can't wait to get stuck into uni-life. I've been so bored since finishing college in June and going back into education is going to give me a nice kick up the arse.

Yesterday night me and my friend Evee from college went to one of the freshers events, it was like a karaoke/party thing. Not exactly my scene. I'm more of a "stay at home watch a movie get a glass of wine and some m&ms" kinda girl. Anyway, because I'd never done anything like this before, we went to the student union bar and hung around in there for a bit. Buuuttt as you can probably guess, they were playing shitty chart music that makes me want to rip my ears off. So after meeting a nice fresher girl called Leah, we vacated to the stairway like good social rejects :)

We had a good chat outside and stuff and got to know Leah a bit more. Loads of drunk 2nd years going past us yelling "WHY YOU NOT IN THERE GETTIN DRUNK?!!".
To be honest, I only feel like getting drunk when i'm comfortable a freshers party in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people? No thanks!
Leah turned out to be pretty cool too, she likes youtuber's so we had a nice little rant about Onision haha.

Anyway, today was enrolment day. So after wading through all the hungover people, we managed to get our student cards. I look awful on my picture but here you go:

After that, we went over to another building and got to meet some of our tutors and got a talk about induction :)

Tomorrow I head off for my first day at uni! Reports shall follow :3

On an unrelated note, I got volume 3 of Sakura Hime today! It has an abslolutely gorgeous front cover.I love Arina's manga stories. Im a sucker for anything sparkly and magical girl. Its got a really good story though, I'm really into it. Its not typical kind of magical girl either, in my opinion. Its more like a historical story mixed in with the cutesy bits :)

I recommend it!

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