Monday, 16 September 2013

First day of university!

I'm gonna spare you a introduction to this blog and get straight into the action.
I woke up this morning (feeling weird about waking up so early after many mornings only waking up at 12ish)  and got ready. I was going to originally wear my new hoodie but yesterday it got soaked from the rain.
I felt really weird walking past my college. It was kind of like I should be on auto-pilot to turn down the little shortcut and head to the block i would normally go to if i was in college.
So I was kind of sad when I walked past there.

I got into university and went up to the 5th floor where the animation and illustration department is. There weren't many people in the room but that changed soon.
My friend from college, Evee, was late because her bus was late so I was kind of sat in the corner really awkwardly.
Anyway, when she finally arrived we received our brief for the first 4 weeks.
We have to create a story board for an animation based on the word 'animal'. I've decided to interpret the word as in 'party animal' so I've ended up designing some strange character that's basically a 50/50 personality split between John Taylor and Rick James:

These are just initial ideas so, don't judge me ;a;

Im currently going through my 'change depression' phase where I feel sad about the huge change in my life. It'll blow over soon hopefully. 

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