Thursday, 19 September 2013

And so...

As from my last journal entry you can probably tell I've made an active start to my university work.
I decide to concentrate on designing my character Fenix for now even though my tutor advised us to work on our storyboards. But how can you draw a storyboard (well at least properly, not just with stick figures) without the design of the character down?
I'm really into Fenix as a character, he's literally so cool. I'm thinking of making him a best friend who he goes out clubbing with. But obviously more as just a personal thing rather than a uni thing because I'm only supposed to do one character!

My tutor said she liked the idea and that it was quite individual, apparently someone a few years back did something quite different and off the chart like what I'm doing. They did something like how animal traits are present in humans.
She just advised me to make the party animal thing in Fenix stand out A LOT. So i shall!

Here's the basic final design of Fenix I made today:

Obviously this isn't going to be how he appears in the final animation because the detail is way too much to draw over and over again for the frames. I just work by drawing full detailed characters then stylising them into animatable simple drawings. 

For now, Ciao! x

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