Saturday, 13 July 2013

The shenanigans me and Katie get up to...

Seriously, you would not believe.
Katie slept over at my house last night. We went down to the river near where my old primary school was and cooled our feet off with a nice stroll through the water. We came home and watched the south park movie. Ok, so now it was getting on for like 1 o clock we just randomly decided to start drawing. In a nutshell she drew me a picture of Robert Smith doing a dance naked with fans and Geddy Lee and John Taylor having buttsecks to make the 'best bassist baby'. Both masterpieces are now hanging on my wall. c:.

We went to bed after that and woke up at about 10ish and watched The Rocky Horror picture show. Katie is going as Columbia to MCM comic con next Saturday and brought along her hat and sequins to finish her hat off as she's not fully finished with her outfit yet.
Ok now where it gets interesting. So anyway it was hot again outside (ok wtf England are you on E?) so we went back down to the river for a walk. But we diddnt stop there, we followed the river. Under a bridge, down past the nursery and then finally to the side of the old mill where there was a small waterfall we had to climb down. There was so much shit floating about so we decided to take a quick run around it and just climbed on where the bushes were growing and dodged all the crap. We reached the part where all the water goes into the sewers (it was covered with bars) so we just climbed up the stairs to where there was a gate and climbed over the wall onto the pavement. Quite a expedition!

We decided we wanted to go to the reservoir after that so we set off after a quick stop at sainsbury's for some food and drink. We had our picnic and stuff and dipped our feet into the water again because of the heat. Then we saw some people on boats and were like OMG WANT ONE, so we set off down the side to go ask, but they were on the other side of the reservoir so i tried to walk over some squishy mud, only to find out it was fucking quicksand or some shit. Nearly getting stuck in the process. Then stupid me thinks oh fuck it its only a little more to go, and then bam, sudden drop. Everything soaked. FUUUUUU. So anyway im hurrying back to where Katie is stood and covered in mud so im like fuck it, going for a swim. So anyways i go for a swim completely forgetting that just before i was carrying the sainsburys bag that had my phone in when i had the sudden drop.
Anyway so im just in the cleaner water trying to get all the mud off my clothes and i go to kick to swim back to shore and my sandal comes right off my foot. Yup. My fucking sandal is now somewhere floating in that reservoir. It'll probably end up on shore sooner or later. So i've kinda had enough of searching and the family of gypos with their bulldog sat behind me and we just set off back home.

We stop off at the field near my old secondary school for a lie down to get a bit dryer. Whilst we're at it, i put my battery back in my phone and it works fine. So i ring up my mum like "Yeah im just chilling on a field r/n" and shes like "ok sian dnt b 2 long cus u myt get stabbd". No i didn't tell her about the sandal. Your not supposed to swim in the reservoir anyway but DESPERATE MEASURES. Like fuck was i coming home with dried mud all over me. We lay in the field for like 10 mins and dry off pretty good. Katie has something on her dress so asks if we can go and clean it off with some water from the nearby river. We climb down and then we see that it leads to like, some tunnel and us being curious little critters, followed it to the other end. Following yet another river, with one foot bare. Yup. Its all good until i try to cross over this slippy rock. You know whats coming. Phone in hand, face first into the gushing water :/. Pissed off, wet and without a phone we get home and I look around for an old phone that I used to use, only to find that its locked to O2. I even spent time putting all my stickers from my motorola razor on it :c.

Im going to take it down to the phone shop on Monday and see if i can get it unlocked. Then i can put my Virgin simcard back in.


Til next time.

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