Monday, 17 June 2013

Art Exhibition!

It was my art exhibition today and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I cosplayed as Stocking Anarchy seen as I did my whole project around split personalities and taking on another character is a form of splitting your personality I guess?
Anyway, I have actually a lot to talk about today O.O

First of all, I got woken up today by my friend who asked me to come meet her because she ran out of school, I was kinda pissed off at getting woken up but it cant be helped. I went and met her. But heres the catch

I went out in just my top, a skirt, some slippers and a dressing gown.

I met up with her on the street and she was paranoid of people seeing her in her uniform so we took a back path to get away from main roads. We just kind of chilled in the tree's of my ex-school and waited around until she had to go back in because the lesson had ended.
Whilst we were waiting I kinda needed a piss
so i took a piss in the woods and found out I was on my period! Damn! She gave me a pad so it wasnt all bad. That must of been such an image though. A girl in just pj's squating on the floor and suddenly screaming "IM ON MY PERIOD! SHIT!".

Anyways, she told me to hang around and wait for her, so I did. But the teachers kind of saw me (and recognised me, laughs). She never came out so I just went home. She called me later saying this:

They we're apparently going to report me to the police for being 'oddly dressed' and waiting outside the school. Also, it was strange that I was hanging round with her because I could of been a "pedophile".
She told them I was her friend and stuff and that she'd asked me to come meet her, but she wouldn't tell them my last name. Even though they probably knew already because I was SUCH A pain to the PE Staff in school. They couldn't remember my last name though. So. Yeah.

*Dances around*

I spent the rest of the day getting ready for my exhibition. I cosplayed as Stocking Anarchy, it was really fun! I did the cat walk and stuff.

On the catwalk!
My brother took this

With my board

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