Thursday, 23 May 2013

Weekend...for me anyway

Its the weekend for me right now seen as I finish college on a Thursday. I've made a start to my final piece. Well actually Im half way through it. I have created Estelle's 'painting'. The idea is to have two canvases, each painted using the same hand but a different person. Obviously I dont have MPD so Im doing this based on research. So Estelle's painting is very spooky and thought provoking, it doesn't give a lot away. Im debating whether to put at the top of the painting "WHAT GLASS SPLINTERS LIE SO DEEP IN YOUR MIND?". But im not sure yet! I did actually take a picture of it finished in the classroom with my phone but seen as my phone is ancient to todays standards (its a Motorolla Razor from 2006) i couldnt seem to bluetooth the photo over from my phone to my laptop to put up here. So you'll have to do with a photo I took in the mac room at college on Wednesday half finished.

I hope you all like it! It looks very Chicago-ey dont you think? Im gonna be making a start to Jessabelle's painting on Tuesday when I go back.

In other news, Im gonna be looking after my friend's kitties for a week! She's going on holiday with her fam lam so I'm feeding the cats and keepin' em company. Well, ok most of them dont need company, only the queen bitch Archie who's an unbelievable 19 years old! Archie really IS the queen bitch too. This is one of those 'you'd have to meet her to believe it' things.

Im also really happy to hear about the first Duran Grandad! Wow! Andy's daughter is pregnant! How sweet! Im so happy for them.

I got bored in college today so I drew Nick And John in the style of Panty and Stocking. Haha!

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