Tuesday, 21 May 2013

U W0t M8

Ok, so anyways for an actual proper blog post. I have currently been working like a mother bitch on my final major project at college. I've decided to do mine around multiple personality disorder. I read quite a few books on the subject so I have grasped an idea of what it's like to live with the disorder. With this knowledge I have created the two personalities of Jessabelle and Estelle. Quite interesting really, because the first is a crazy red-head (much like myself at the minute, I recently dyed my hair red and yellow), she gets Estelle into a lot of trouble. Often taking the body and putting it into bad situations. She is very childish. On the other hand we have Estelle. She's pretty much the sad goth of the two. Often with MPD patients they have suffered some form of trauma, often this is child abuse. I didn't want to go as deep into that sort of thing so I decided that the split happened because of severe school bullying for one reason or another. Jessabelle is actually the original personality (hence her childish nature, she split at a younger age). And Estelle would be the older more mature one that has the ability to deal with the trauma that happened to the body (Which is why she is depressed a lot of the time). Here are some scans of the two: Until next time x

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