Monday, 27 May 2013

I feel like a rant

If you dont know already, I never have worn a bra, this is a personal choice. Dont worry, my mum has urged me time and time on the matter. And every time I've told her that I never will and never intend to wear the retched thing's. When I first started, uh, lets say 'blooming' it wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind to go straight to my mum and beg for a bra like it is with most girls. I dont know why, but I just really hate the idea of strapping down something that nature intended to be there.

Needless to say when I went to school and had to get changed in front of other girls I got the piss taken out of me relentlessly.
When I did cave in after even the TEACHERS told me I 'NEEDED' to get a bra I just decided to shove on an unpadded bra that my mum had bought for me when she first uh...noticed lets say.
It was horrible. It felt un-natural and awful. So when I got back home I pretty much ripped the thing off my back and it went straight to the back of my underwear draw. Its probably still there now, looming pfft!

After that little incident I decided it was time to 'forget' my P.E kit for the time being. They still made me get changed into , but thankfully they let me do it in the back room. It didn't help that I was the school misfit so the fact that I didn't wear a bra probably just added more fuel to the fire and the teachers took pity.

So, what does this tell us?
Difference is wrong, and should be dealt with in the only way possible, to condemn it.
Even if I do have valid points to not wear a bra (not that I knew these back then in Yr 10) they probably would still of thought I was a freak.

You can read some interesting facts about not wearing bras here:

It has also been suggested that bra's contribute to the onset of breast cancer.

Personally, I think the next generation of children should be taught about the pros and cons to wearing a bra. It should not be pushed on as a false necessity at the first sign on breast development. Because thats what it is. A false necessity.

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